MS Outlook / Apple Mail / other email client applications

a) Create a new user account with your desktop email client application
b) Configure it with your CryptnSend credentials
c) Use this account to send HIPAA compliant messages. 
d) Use your regular account to send plain messages and to receive all messages.

Add-in (Plugin) for MS Outlook users:

This Add-in is for the convenience of CryptnSend and MS Outlook users. User can send secure and encrypted messages from MS Outlook without making any changes to the regular email account. Download installation guide for more details

Download MS Outlook Add-in for Crypt-n-Send

Download Installation Guide - CryptnSend Add-In for MS Outlook

Send Secure & Encrypted Email
from your existing email account


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HIPAA compliant Digital Fax Service
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App for
Smart Phones

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